The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.
— Matthew 25:40 (NIV)

Partner With Us

Partnering with Life for Children Ministry—whether on the ground, financially or with folded hands— truly makes the difference in thousands of lives in Kenya. How can you be a partner?


Prayer is the foundation of our ministry and the core of our organization. God hears all prayers and your daily prayers for the orphans, family guardians and Life for Children staff are needed. We give thanks to Him that has already done incredible things in Kenya. He has purposely moved to create the many different areas of this ministry and has touched so many lives as a result. So, we ask for a prayer of thanks first, all to the Glory of Jesus Christ our Savior.


Please indicate in the memo section the intent of the donation. Blank memo fields will be placed in the general fund and used where best served. Please send check to:

North Springs United Methodist Church
c/o Life for Children Ministry
7770 Roswell Rd
Sandy Springs, GA  30350

Consider using your online billpay at your bank for a recurring or one-time donation

Be A MONthly financial partner

Our organization was created to care for the orphans of Kenya and that remains our primary focus. Taking care of a child involves giving them food and clean water, a home, family, education, medical attention, spiritual awareness and of course, love. These things can be accomplished for as little as $65 per month for a child in primary school. For children in secondary school and college, the costs are greater. Monthly partners at all levels help children who were once barely surviving and give them the ability to thrive. 

Visit those in need of your monthly generosity (Unsupported Orphans)

Monthly Orphan Support

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Donate to the street kids ministry

The Street Kids Ministry is dedicated to feeding boys living in the streets and landfills of Kisumu. These kids have to scrounge for recycling items or steal to meet the most basic of needs. Every Sunday a warm meal is provided for these boys with the teachings of Christ. For $15 per month, you can provide a weekly meal for one street boy. The program has been well received with many hearing the Gospel of Christ for the first time and many boys reuniting with their families. 

You may choose a one-time or recurring donation here. If you choose a recurring payment you need to have a PayPal account. If you don't have a free PayPal account you can signup for one during the donation process. You can change or cancel a recurring donation anytime in your PayPal account settings.

Street Kids Donation

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give to heart for 100 micro-finance

Heart for 100 is the Micro-Finance Division of Life for Children Ministry that came to fruition in 2013 and has taken off to new levels. Heart for 100 provides loans to women groups and individuals to create and run their own  small business. With accountability group support, mentored by the LCM credit officers and your gift of $100, individuals and groups are empowered to provide for their families and achieve financial stability. 

Micro-Finance Donation

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support specific projects

We normally have several ongoing and new projects to participate in. Some of the projects in discussion are:

  1. The Ministry is in dire need of newer replacement vehicles. A double cab truck ($40,000), another van ($30,000) and four new motorbikes ($5,500 / bike, Yamaha quoted since they last longer) are badly needed to transport supplies and personnel on treacherous roads.

  2. Help fulfill the needs of the LCM primary school in Wachara

    • Electric service has been run to the school grounds but we need to extend service to the school buildings ($1,500) and wire 4 recently built classrooms ($2,000)

    • Additional space in the new 2-level classroom building in Wachara is needed. A library ($30,000) needs to constructed and filled with books ($5,000)

    • The desire to create a better atmosphere to focus individuals on studies starts with providing boarding options. Help us initiate the planning phase of adding a male and female dormitory ($15,000 each)

  3. Consider helping with a water distribution system from an established well at the LCM school / church compound to also serve the surrounding community of Wachara ($55,000)

  4. As more orphans enter high school (and on to college or vocational school), there is a realization that an additional Educational Trust Fund needs to be started to help with all the extra cost. Please pray for the ability to create this program ($100,000).

  5. A medical clinic is needed in the remote area of Wachara ($30,000). Building this clinic would serve the many in this rural area.

  6. 10 acres of land has been purchased in Kisumu to build a boarding school. Plan is to first build a high school (9-12 grades) then a primary school (1-8 grades). Initial funding is now needed to first fence off this area ($6,000) to prep for building.

  7. Help fund construction of a senior widow’s home who supports an orphan. Consider also to come as part of a mission team involved with the construction phase ($1,000 per house)

  8. The Micro-Finance program has helped over 1,500 women start and maintain businesses around the area of Kisumu. If you are able to commit with a donation (target of $50,000) we are planning to expand this program to possibly include loan processing through mobile phones to keep up with current lending trends.

  9. The street kids program has been a major source of rescue to young men caught in terrible circumstances. Help us construct a permanent and safe environment ($300,000) where they are able to come and worship God, receive meals, nursing care and a possible transition back home

This ministry's current focus is typically detailed on our blog. To donate, fill in the appropriate payment information then click "Review Donation and Continue". In the following screen you can note what project you are led to by filling in the box marked "Add Project Name Here:"

Projects Donation

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Consider donating to our general fund for use with immediate needs. These funds have gone for any one of our programs where timing was key.

You may choose a one-time or recurring donation here. If you choose a recurring payment you need to have a PayPal account. If you don't have a free PayPal account you can signup for one during the donation process. You can change or cancel a recurring donation anytime in your PayPal account settings.

LCM General Fund

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