Life for Children Ministry (LCM) is made up of two parts. The U.S. board is tasked with overall planning and funding, while Life for Children Welfare (LCW) is the operational part in Kisumu, Kenya, where board members, office staff and social workers perform the daily tasks that support each and every orphan. 


U.S. Board of directors

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Ron GriffithDick Weber, Bill Hardison, Marshall Burke, Curtiss Gibbs, Rev. Sarah Webb Phillips, Joyce Weems, Barbara Wicks, Sharon Shelton, Denise TennesseeRob DeSoto



Missionary Julie Campbell

Founder and Missionary Michael Agwanda with wife Lolla and three sons Michael Jr., Jonathan and Gabriel

Agwanda Family - Michael, Lolla, Michael Jr., Gabriel, Jonathan


Life For Children Ministry is an international partner with

TMS Global

SERV International



Thank you for your kind support, prayers and partnerships with Life for Children Ministry. We welcome any opportunity you may see for yourself, for your church or for an organization to participate with us. Please contact us for more information.