project list

We normally have several ongoing and new projects to participate in. Some of the projects in discussion are:

  1. The Ministry is in dire need of newer replacement vehicles. A double cab truck ($40,000), another van ($30,000) and four new motorbikes ($5,500 / bike, Yamaha quoted since they last longer) are badly needed to transport supplies and personnel on treacherous roads.

  2. Help fulfill the needs of the LCM primary school in Wachara

    • Electric service has been run to the school grounds but we need to extend service to the school buildings ($1,500) and wire 4 recently built classrooms ($2,000)

    • Additional space in the new 2-level classroom building in Wachara is needed. A library ($30,000) needs to constructed and filled with books ($5,000)

    • The desire to create a better atmosphere to focus individuals on studies starts with providing boarding options. Help us initiate the planning phase of adding a male and female dormitory ($15,000 each)

  3. Consider helping with a water distribution system from an established well at the LCM school / church compound to also serve the surrounding community of Wachara ($55,000)

  4. As more orphans enter high school (and on to college or vocational school), there is a realization that an additional Educational Trust Fund needs to be started to help with all the extra cost. Please pray for the ability to create this program ($100,000).

  5. A medical clinic is needed in the remote area of Wachara ($30,000). Building this clinic would serve the many in this rural area.

  6. 10 acres of land has been purchased in Kisumu to build a boarding school. Plan is to first build a high school (9-12 grades) then a primary school (1-8 grades). Initial funding is now needed to first fence off this area ($6,000) to prep for building.

  7. Help fund construction of a senior widow’s home who supports an orphan. Consider also to come as part of a mission team involved with the construction phase ($1,000 per house)

  8. The Micro-Finance program has helped over 1,500 women start and maintain businesses around the area of Kisumu. If you are able to commit with a donation (target of $50,000) we are planning to expand this program to possibly include loan processing through mobile phones to keep up with current lending trends.

  9. The street kids program has been a major source of rescue to young men caught in terrible circumstances. Help us construct a permanent and safe environment ($300,000) where they are able to come and worship God, receive meals, nursing care and a possible transition back home